About SEN Consultancy

SEN Consultancy was born in 2012 and was created by Miranda Cooper. Miranda had already spent 15 years teaching in a variety of special educational needs settings and wanted to share the good practice from these setting with mainstream schools.


She began by providing training days for schools and was asked to speak at numerous events around the county, write articles for educational magazines and was soon being quoted in The Independent newspaper.


Miranda started to change the direction of the company after the new Children and Family Bill was issued in 2014. Miranda found that even with her in-depth understanding of the law, getting her child appropriately assessed and the statement transferred into an EHCP was a complicated process and one she didn’t feel she would have achieved without her specialist knowledge and understanding. She soon discovered that her friends, were having great difficulties and she began assisting them by sharing her knowledge and become an invaluable support; she continued by empowered parents to get the correct support for their child and therefore ensured their child could meet his/her full-potential.


Miranda has a B.Ed. (Hons) from Oxford University. She is trained in numerous strategies including a variety of programmes which support pupils with a range of learning needs. Her specialist area is autism.


Miranda's child attended a mainstream school with an EHCP. She personally understands what it is like in trying to get the law to be applied. She understands the frustration of feeling like you are not being heard and understands how important the correct strategies are in supporting a child.


Miranda knows that great feeling of success. After many years of battling the system, her dreams have been more than answered, as her child attends a Russell University.


Miranda believes that all children have the right to achieve and have the right to a full and fulfilling education, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

Miranda will be their voice  allowing them to succeed in their dreams.