"Sometimes you need more than a legal eagle to get through the EHCP minefield
and Miranda is much more" 

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Dyscalculia Network

SEN Consultancy aims to help empower parents to get the right support for their child who has or may have special educational needs (SEN).

We do this by:

  • Separating the truths from the myths regarding school's obligations.

  • We help parents to understand and clarify the "must" and "should" for schools and local authorities related to the Children and Family Act (2014) and SEN Code of Practice (2015), so they know what is law and what is local policy.

  • We guide parents in applying for an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) if the child's/young person's school/college will not apply.

  • We assist parents in completing applications to the First-tier Tribunal if the local authority has chosen not to assess for an EHCP, refuses to issue a plan after an assessment, refuses to make changes to a plan, or names a school not of your choice.

  • We read through draft EHCPs to make sure that they conform to the law;   ensure unlawful words are removed. We make sure that all contents and strategies from assessments and reports are included in a child/young person's plan.

  • We support parents in meetings with other professionals to allow parents to be the voice of their child; therefore, enabling parents to get the correct support in schools and colleges.